Have you had Death of a loved one, and went to a funeral home to make arrangements with INSURANCE POLICY in hand, to find out that the insurance company will not pay, because of various reasons One reason it is not two years old.

By preparing and pre-funding your funeral at Edwards and Sons we can help you to eliminate the burden. You decide the type of funeral you want, locking in todayís prices for the future, and will make it easier on the people you care about the most your family. EDWARDS AND SONS MORTUARY understands and thatís why we are offering a FREE analysis of a burial insurance plan to fit your budget. Call today for appointment about BURIAL INSURANCE, because Ones should never worry about being able to afford a respectful FUNERAL for their loved ones.

Have you or a family member or, a friend ever been turned down for insurance. Had a medical professional ever suggested that you be or are you currently, confined to a hospice program, or have you ever been diagnosed as having an immune deficiency disorder, AIDS, AIDS related complex (ARC), were you tested positive for exposure to the AIDS virus or a terminal illness? Are you currently bedridden or confined to a hospital, nursing home or other such facility, Do you have kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, Alzheimerís disease, brain or neural disease, muscular, alcohol or drug abuse, cancer, insulin-dependent diabetic, circulatory/vascular disease, talk to us, if the answer to any of these question is yes, We have a burial insurance plan to fit your financial need. We have an insurance Agent on duly.

We also providing at-need financing for funeral services loans are simple and affordable- No hidden fees and easy monthly payments. Loans can even be used as a temporary loan while estate and insurance issues are being settled.

By offering loans up to $7,500.00 will help you transform your funeral related expenses from a potential financial burden into manageable monthly payments. Provides an easy, fast and professional option to help families in need pay for funeral related services.

Pre-Need Forms are a personal guide to help relieve your family and loved ones of the burden of decisions.  Take time now to complete the following form and then give us a call.

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